5.5" Stretch Bracket Kit TJ Wrangler

Box Dimensions: 
10 × 10 × 4 in
Box Weight: 
14 lb
Jeep TJ 97-06

These key brackets make it a snap to move your Wrangler's rear axle rearward 5.5". After removing the stock spring and track bar brackets, simply weld them on and assemble your suspension like a normal TJ installation. Also included are new axle brackets for the shocks to relocate them to the front of the axle and maximize fuel tank size. Move your axle back 5.5" with this kit for better climbing and increased departure angles. Kit includes coil spring frame brackets, track bar bracket, and shock axle brackets. Stretch-ready fuel tank and corner guards are required when the rear axle is moved back 5.5".

NOTE: cutting and welding are required to attach brackets.