GyroJoint Isolator Replacement Kit

Box Dimensions: 
9 × 6 × 2 in
Box Weight: 
3 lb
Jeep LJ 04-06
Jeep TJ 97-06
Jeep YJ 87-95

GyroJoints give Nth Degree long arm and short arm suspension systems something available nowhere else, bind-free articulation and a great ride in the same package!

The spherical ball "stub" at the end of the arm pivots within a two-part urethane "socket" that is housed in a steel box. The urethane parts are optimized differently for front and rear arms and feature a lubrication arrangement that keeps grease in and dirt out. GyroJoints are easily adjustable, without disconnecting the arm, simply turn the stub with the supplied wrench, then tighten the jam nut.Isolator kit includes 4 stub side bushings, 2 front zerk side bushings, and 2 rear zerk side bushings.