Jeep TJ/LJ 3.0" Frequency-Tuned Front Coil Springs

Box Dimensions: 
22 × 10 × 6 in
Box Weight: 
24 lb
Jeep LJ 04-06
Jeep TJ 97-06

A spring is just a spring right?...WRONG. The factory used up to seven different front springs and eight different rear springs on TJs. Why so many? It's not just so that the height of every TJ from a stripped 4-cylinder soft-top to a loaded Rubicon Unlimited dual-top is the same. More importantly, it's so that they all ride and handle the short, so that they have the same frequencies. No other aspect of your rig's suspension has as much direct affect on ride - and especially handling - as these frequencies. Nth Degree springs are designed the same way, even including the special benefit of a progressive-rate design: the more you load it, the stiffer it gets – keeping the frequency nearly constant. Because the relationship of the front springs to the rear is also critical to great ride and safe handling, Nth Degree springs are tuned and intended to be used together as matched F/R sets - we do not recommend they be combined with other makers' springs.

As part of an Nth Degree suspension system or to replace your existing 'lift' springs, these will perform beautifully whether loaded or empty, both on-road and off.Front coil springs provide 3.0" lift. Sold in pairs.Use rear springs only on the model listed. Incorrect application may result in multiple issues including unsafe handling behavior that could cause a serious accident.

This is the 'generic height' to be used for matching correct front and rear springs into a correct vehicle-set. Actual lift height will typically be slightly more than listed for front springs and slightly less for rear springs to help level the vehicle as compared to it's stock 'rake' angle. Also note that each spring is designed for a typical lifted/modified Jeep that is heavier than stock due to the addition of winches and body armor, etc. Consequently vehicles with few additions will sit higher and those with excessive weight will sit lower than a ''typical' vehicle by as much a +/-0.5".