Lightning Rod Disconnects TJ/LJ Wrangler

Box Dimensions: 
6 × 6 × 6 in
Box Weight: 
6 lb
Jeep LJ 04-06
Jeep TJ 97-06

Lever-action closure just push and it locks, pull to unlock *Quick-Connect lower ball joint is case-hardened for durability *No loose parts to rattle or get lost *Add-on design retains the stock links, saving product cost. *Universal Application. Fits all TJ models and years *'No-Cuss' Hook-up: Links can be hooked up by one person even if the vehicle is substantially un-level (up to 8" height difference at front tires) *'No-Rub' Link Parking: On TJs, the high-and-forward bar location creates havoc with large tires - limiting turning radius and usually tearing up ordinary disconnect links. LRD links store above the spring tower to keep both themselves and the bar out of the way of the tires. This means that 35"+ tires can finally turn nearly full-lock (still limited a little by the frame) while at full articulation!

*'No-Rattle' Driving: Lightning Rods have no loose parts or the sloppy pin-in-hole design that can rattle and drive you nuts on-road. With the windows down and the radio off, only a faint clicking can be heard on rough roads at low speeds. *Proper Stabilizer Bar function: LRDs provide the same degree of compliance as the stock setup because they keep the factory links. This means the roll rate provided by your front bar is what it's supposed to be, so you get better handling when driving on-road. *Fast Installation Because the original stock links are retained and do not need to be removed, installation takes just minutesFits TJs and LJs with 2-6" lift.These clever-yet-simple devices do what all disconnects do: increase front articulation while off-road by detaching the stiff front stabilizer bar from the axle. When disconnected, the Lightning Rods allow the bar to be "parked" high in the fenderwell - where it is out of the way of large tires at full-lock turn, thus preserving maximum maneuverability. But, the most unique difference is that these units make the reconnection process easy and hassle free by using a hinge-and-latch design that allows connection to the axle even when the Jeep is not level. By retaining the stock end links as part of the design and adding (this kit) to them, cost and installation time is also reduced.

PLEASE NOTE:Lightning Rod Disconnects require the use of your original front stabilizer bar end links. If your links are worn or have been previously replaced and lost, you should obtain new links. We sell new genuine Jeep service replacement links for this purpose.