Long Rear Control Arms For YJ/TJ

Box Dimensions: 
36 × 8 × 8 in
Box Weight: 
26 lb
Jeep TJ 97-06
Jeep YJ 87-95

Since clearance is at least as important as flex, all Nth Degree bent long arms dramatically increase your ground clearance by tucking the links up into the chassis, creating nearly constant clearance between the front and rear tires. The result is upwards of 5" more clearance in critical areas near the tires than regular straight arms provide.

You'll almost never snag on them and rarely even scrape them, allowing you to climb bigger boulders and ledges than you ever though possible. Dogleg long rear control arms are specifically designed for YJs and TJs. These can also be adapted to any custom setup with our DIY GyroJoints.Axle end bushings are included. GyroJoints sold separately.