Lower Control Arm Re-drill Template

Box Dimensions: 
5 × 9 × 1 in
Box Weight: 
1 lb
Jeep LJ 04-06
Jeep TJ 97-06

In order to take advantage of the geometry/handling improvements via re- drilling, a TJ must have aftermarket rear Lower Control Arms (LCAs) that use a round tube to hold an axle-end bushing of stock-or-smaller diameter. NOTE: lifts that keep the stock LCAs will NOT fit the redrilled axle hole location – so you can only do the frame holes.Relocating the attachment points for the rear lower arms will significantly improve your TJ’s on-road handling, it’s off-road hill-climbing ability, and your under-axle ground clearance, especially if it has stock length LCAs. The geometry correction from redrilling is not necessary until the ‘lift height’ is +2.0” or more. The TJ LCA re-drill guide takes the guesswork out of locating the new LCA bolt holes.