Nth Degree for Dirt

Nth Degree suspension kits allow you to go wherever you want to go and conquer everything mother nature can throw at you. 

Here's a few reasons why:

  • Front and rear progressive rate springs mean the more you load them, the stiffer they get and they keep the frequency nearly constant.  They are designed for modified Jeeps and the extra weight of body armor, bumpers, and winches.  
  • Rear spring relocates provide 1-5/8" of lift and correct spring geometry and bump stop alignment for better off-road performance.
  • Shock shifters move the axle mount outboard by 5" per side for more clearance under the axle and better tailpipe clearance.
  • Rear stinger eliminates unwanted axle motion and handles the windup torque of low gearing while putting the available torque to the tires.
  • Lower control arm relocation improves hill-climbing ability and under-axle ground clearance.
  • GyroJoints one frame end of the control arms provide bind-free articulation.
  • DogLeg control arms dramatically increase your ground clearance upwards of 5" in critical areas.
  • Rear track bar tower re positions the track bar for proper geometry while avoiding the extra bulk for a bolt on bracket that may interfere with larger axles and gas tank skid plates.
  • Front track bar brace reinforces the frame and the forged front track bar reduces the chance of a track bar failure at a weld.  Together they reduce steering linkage angles while addressing the durability problems caused by larger tires and lift.
  • Tummy Tucker increases ground clearance 2.5"+ over the factory skid and it is manufactured from 1/4" steel for solid protection. Countersunk hardware provides a smooth sliding surface to make sure nothing stops you cold.
  • Rear differential slider protects your housing, u-joint, and yoke while giving up virtually zero ground clearance.