Nth Degree For The Road

Nth Degree suspension kits provide a better on-road ride, even with 6-inches of lift, than a stock Jeep suspension. 

Here's a few reasons why:  

  • Front and rear progressive rate springs are frequency tuned and matched to provide a great ride and safe handling.  Nth Degree springs provide a better ride than factory coil springs.
  • Rear spring relocators correct spring seat geometry for a better performing coil spring and ride.  
  • Shock Shifters move the axle mount outboard by 5" per side to create better on-road handling.
  • Rear stinger removes axle windup torque forces from the control arms and extends OEM control arm bushing life.
  • Lower control arm relocation improves geometry and on-road handling.
  • OEM rubber bushings on axle end of the control arm reduce vibration and provide a soft, comfortable ride.
  • Rear track bar tower re positions the factory track bar for proper suspension geometry while maintaining the factory ride and feel on the road.  
  • Front track bar and brace improve the steering system's precision beyond stock levels.