Shock Shifter Kit TJ/LJ Wrangler

Box Dimensions: 
6 × 6 × 6 in
Box Weight: 
7 lb
Jeep LJ 04-06
Jeep TJ 97-06

Shock Shifters are standard in all Nth TJ suspension systems but may be added to any lift to gain these benefits. The improved frame bracket design makes installation faster and easier than ever by eliminating the previous requirement to remove the bar-pins from your shocks. Also, the new axle bracket design provides four selectable positions to adjust the effective length of your shocks by over an inch to permit optimized wheel travel. Shock Shifters are a clean solution to the rock-snagging tendencies of your TJ's stock rear axle shock brackets. They also solve tailpipe and rotated-axle clearance problems and improve the shock/tire motion ratio for better ride and handling. Shock Shifters fit all TJ models, but are not for use with stretched-wheelbase suspensions.

NOTE: cutting and Welding are required to attach the axle brackets.